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B.O.L.T (Body Organ Life Tracker)

B.O.L.T is a wireless health monitor that measures Blood Pressure, Oxygen Saturation, Pulse, Body Temperature, Blood Sugar, Blood Cholesterol and Total Haemoglobin Count with the B.O.L.T application on your Smartphone. B.O.L.T helps you to keep track of your vitals in maintain your Personal Health Record.

The easy-to-use B.O.L.T application running on your smartphone/tablet that controls the B.O.L.T device, allows you to save the vitals data to your personal health cloud. With the B.O.L.T application, you can track, share and save your health trends and view them anytime, anywhere.

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  • Measures: Blood Pressure, Oxygen Saturation, Pulse, Body Temperature, Blood Sugar, Blood Cholesterol, Total Haemoglobin Count
  • Comfit wrap BP cuff for easy to use
  • User-Friendly B.O.L.T application instantly displays the result and indicates the health condition.
  • Ability to store data in Apple Health kit/Personal Health Cloud
  • B.O.L.T application available on iOS, Android and Windows platforms
  • Maintain historic and trends data of all vitals measured
  • Multi Language support
  • Individual application login with built-in access control to keep data secured
  • Auto Calibration
  • Extensible API to support integration with Health Systems
  • Rechargeable Battery
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  • Measure your vitals anytime, anywhere
  • Know your health status instantaneously
  • Regular monitoring helps to manage and maintain your health
  • Share your health records with physicians and loved ones for immediate care
  • Trend Monitoring to review progress and make required lifestyle changes
  • Seamlessly integrate with your Health Systems
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AMI B.O.L.T Data Sheet
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Are you a Healthcare Provider or Home Based Healthcare Provider?

Providing healthcare is no longer a cumbersome job with AMI's B.O.L.T.
This compact and portable healthcare kit with an app can be customised according to your needs. Track all your patient's records with ease and compare the diagnosis. Improve patient safety and increase productivity & operational efficiency.

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Comments On B.O.L.T

  • Winfried

    Great health device, showed me that I am in good health.

  • Divya

    Great product. Even my husband uses it and updates performances on his App.

  • Cara Singletary

    Very Convenient product, results were fast and clear.

  • Glenn

    Very easy. Great for home use with multiple users.

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